We help keep you and your visitors safe

how we help tenants

Our job at Safety Squad is to help keep you and your visitors safe in your home by ensuring the property you lease is fully compliant with the smoke alarm legislation. To do this, your real estate agency employs us to take care of critical and legislative requirements.

When your real estate agent is one of our clients, your property is enrolled into our smoke alarm service program and we take care of the rest. Read on for more on What We Do, Entry to Your Home and Our Technicians

Our services include:

  • Upgrading smoke alarms in rental properties to meet the legal requirements
  • Servicing compliant smoke alarms installed at rental properties as required by law
  • Issuing Entry Notices to Tenants for when the required service is scheduled
  • Sending messages and Entry Notices to Tenants about the scheduled entry via email, which is provided to us by your real estate agent
  • Change the scheduled entry if a Tenant requests it for another day or time when given 24 hours notice to enable us to reschedule the service appointment
  • If requested and arranged by your real estate agent, we may also provide a compliance maintenance service to all corded window coverings at your rental property to comply with mandatory standards
  • We may also test the safety switch with access needed to the meter box. Testing the safety switch will result in a temporary power loss so you may need to reset any digital clocks
  • If you are not home when we complete the service we’ll leave a calling card on the kitchen bench so you know we have been and completed the service
  • We treat your home with great respect and clean up before leaving

Not sure what to do if your alarm is beeping?

Please always contact your property manager as a first step. Head to our FAQ’s to read more!